Urban Youth Development Basketball Life Skills Camp with Darvin Ham

A Message from Darvin & Deneitra Ham:

Dear Urban Youth Development participants, volunteers, advertisers and supporters:

We are VERY saddened to inform you that our Lubbock camp is officially postponed. Due to various positional changes within the administration overseeing the stated camp site, we no longer will be providing the camp at the designated time and location. We TRULY appreciate the confirmed participation and support of every parent, camper, coach, volunteer, guest speaker, and advertiser that allowed us to explore, realize and recognize the support for our program, which is of service to the youth of Lubbock, Texas.

On behalf of Deneitra, my wife and co-founder of Urban Youth Development, I, Darvin Ham, would like to SINCERELY apologize for any inconvenience that this postponement may have caused.

We are diligently working, to confirm a new time and location, for the camp to take place.

Nevertheless, we look forward to working with any and every individual, group, organization, company, municipality, etc., whom are interested in investing the time and care into encouraging and motivating the youth of Lubbock to enhance their ability to merge education, arts and athletics by implementing proper decision making exercises, and positive, productive outlooks on the potential that lies within them.


Darvin Ham


Our Mission

Urban Youth Development is a nonprofit 501c3 organization whose mission is to provide enrich programs designed to uplift today’s youth, primarily targeting cultural indifference, low socio-economic status, cultural indifference, and/or at risk adolescents. Our programs promote social, educational, athletic, health and wellness, and cultural development to strengthen maximum potential and opportunities for today’s youth.

Our Vision

The vision of Urban Youth Development is to become one of the premier Youth Development Organizations in the country. We strive on all fronts to find ongoing solutions to motivate adolescent boys and girls in becoming positive influential adults with the character to strive for success. We further advocate the implementation of programs that will reach across the country and abroad promoting social, physical, emotional and educational development. With a successful organization leading toward national conventions, media notoriety and high-profile support, we will continue to embrace our youth as our top priority, establishing avenues for a successful future.