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Soldiers for Brotherhood
The purpose of Soldiers for
BROTHERHOOD is to create a
genuine, effective network system
for disadvantaged and/or at risk
young men. The program would
call for productive male figures in
communities all over the United
States to participate and
contribute to molding and
progression of young men
deemed lost causes by society.
Doctors, lawyers, principals,
lawyers, teachers, mayors, police
men, judges, athletes, business
owners, etc., of various
backgrounds, will be called upon
for their experience in order to
help young men within the
program learn how to develop,
maintain and coping skills.

The purpose of G.L.O.W. (Gifted
Ladies Optimizing Womanhood) is
to embrace the true nature and
characteristics of womanhood.
The program is created to place
major emphasis on the ability to
overcome obstacles that young
ladies encounter. Not only is the
program a catalyst for
development, it also assists young
girls in knowing their true self. Do
you love yourself without
question? Or, do you rely on other
people to assure you of physical
desirability and worthiness of
love? These similar questions are
just a few of many tackling issues
we are going to deal with, discuss
and provide solutions for.

Basketball Camps
The Urban Youth Development
Basketball Camp is a fun-filled,
knowledgeable basketball camp
where youth aged 8-17 come
together to learn and utilize their
basketball skills. Darvin Ham, the
founder of UYD and 8-year NBA
veteran, brings his basketball
expertise, while running and
participating in the daily routines
of the camps. Darvin teaches the
youth the fundamentals, defensive
and shooting concepts, as well as
holds a tournament at the end of
the festivities for the youth to
exhibit their newly learned and
polished skills. The Champions
and runner-ups both receive
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